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The change of seasons is a really good time to make sure that we are checking our home and its systems to identify any issues or concerns BEFORE they become a serious problem.

Here is a handy list (in no particular order) of some things to check on this spring:

  • Locate your main building control valve - the valve that shuts off your water supply if there were an emergency - operate it, and make sure it opens and closes with ease - and inspect it for any signs of leaking and corrosion

  • Check all of your shut-off valves - they are normally located before most fixtures, like faucets and toilets - if there isn't a shut-off valve, you might want to consider having one installed so that fixtures can be isolated for repairs - making things go quicker, and possibly saving you from property damage if a fixture malfunctions

  • Check your sump pump! Make sure it is working properly - activate the pump by raising the float - inspect around the sump pit for sign of water damage - spring rains are coming!!

  • Make sure downspouts are free of debris and connected, and make sure water is directed as far away from your foundation as possible.

  • Check on your water softener - look in the brine tank and make sure that the salt level is good, and that you dont see areas of salt that look all stuck together (like a big hard glob of salt) - top up your brine tank!

  • Change any water filters that you have on your system - make sure that o-rings are not hard and cracked - lubricate them with food grade lubricant before hand tightening the filter housing back on.

  • Inspect your faucets for sign of leaks and drips - A faucet that drips just once per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water per year!!

  • If you are on a septic and you cannot remember the last time you got it pumped out - spring is a great time to do that - make sure you know where both of your lids are - having them exposed for the septic pumping company can save time and money. If you can't locate your tanks and lids - we can do that for you!

  • After your tank is pumped - you may want to consider having us bring our drain service ( to your location and hydro-jetting (cleaning) your main septic line!

  • Check your outdoor faucet (hose-bib) and connections when using them for the first time - it is always a good idea to have someone watching inside to make sure that there are no issues bursting inside! Never leave hoses connected outdoors in freezing temperatures - not even on a frost-free hose-bib.


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