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Chase Winter Blues Away with Small Changes....

In the winter we tend to retreat to the warmth of our homes and spending a lot more time inside can draw our attention to things we might ignore during the warm summer months.

We also can suffer from the winter blues, especially after Christmas, when everything seems to slow right down - but that time can be the best time for some interior "refreshing" - chase away those winter blues with a few small updates.  

Something as simple as changing the toilet or faucet and a fresh coat of paint can be just the thing your bathroom needs to give it a fresh-look.

Maybe your fridge with the ability to make ice and give you a cold glass of water should finally have that water line run to it?

Why Now?

  • Manufacturers are known for increasing prices in the spring - you ca nalso take advantage of year-end clearance sales

  • Historically contractors typically have more availbility this time of year, versus during the height of summer/fall construction

  • Who wants to be inside painting in the summer?

  • You are spending A LOT more time inside - WHY NOT ENJOY THE SPACE YOU ARE IN?

New sinks, showers, vanities as well as dishwashers can seem simple enough to install so why call a plumber?

As a plumbing contractor we have access to contractor grade fixtures and materials (see previous post) that you cannot get at the hardware store...

Having a plumber will ensure all pipes and fixtures are correctly fitted and sealed to prevent leaks.  Drain and water line connections can drip if not done properly. Those small drips can turn into serious damage if it goes unnoticed.

Whether it is an appliance installation, venting corrections, waterline changes or tying in new drains a plumber will contribute to the over all success and functionality of the fixtures installed.



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