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If you hear or see something that seems strange – like a sound under your floor or in your wall, or maybe you see a spot on your lawn that "looks different" it is best not to ignore these things - they might not be that little...

We have had a high number of service calls lately that have turned out to be rather large projects, and if not investigated and repaired could have caused extensive property damage and a much larger repair bill.

In one instance the customer reported hearing a strange “WOOSHING” sound from time to time when they were watching TV in the basement – this had gone on for a few months and because there was no change in their Water Bill and there was no dampness or water damage inside the home they were hesitant to pay for a service call and have it checked out by a plumber.
Thankfully they did end up calling and booking a service call with us. Our plumbers were quickly able to determine that their main water line has burst under the ground just outside of the house – it was only going to be a matter of time before the ground was completely saturated and the foundation would start to be affected. We coordinated with the local water works department and our excavator, and get their line replaced the next day.

Bottom Line: Protect your investment - Call a PLUMBER!


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